This document provides an overview of the three main packages that make up ZK Email Verifier. The packages are zk-email/circuits, zk-email/helpers, and zk-email/contracts. Each package serves a specific purpose in the process of verifying DKIM signatures in emails using zero-knowledge proofs.

Recent updates: zk-email-verify audit fixes

We've recently completed an audit of our circom helper templates. Below, you'll find a detailed PDF report of the findings. We've addressed each issue raised in the audit and have listed the corresponding PRs below for you to see the fixes in detail.

  • Missing constraint for illegal characters: PR#103

  • Incorrect use of division operation: PR#104

  • Missing range checks for output signals: PR#104

  • Missing constraints for a signal input: PR#104

  • Missing constraints for output signals: PR#104

  • Issue with value retrieval in the LongToShortNoEndCarry: PR#104

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