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Welcome to the ZK Email Documentation Hub, the central repository for comprehensive documentation on the ZK Email project suite. This hub serves as your one-stop guide to understanding and implementing our email verification solutions powered by zero-knowledge proof technology.

ZK Email Project Repos

We have several repos within the ZK Email ecosystem. Developers can use these to build their own custom email verification circuits.

ZK Email SDK: Use this to build a new kind of ZK Email proofs out of the box with 8 lines of JSON, and automatically have proof infrastructure deployed for you. We recommend this for all developers new to ZK Email.

ZK Email Verifier: Build custom circuits, smart contracts, and frontend utils. This SDK will likely require ZK knowledge to be able to use, and gives more customizability than the ZK Email SDK.

Email Wallet: A smart contract wallet controlled by your email. You can understand how to hit the API from a frontend easily, run your own relayer if you like, or define your own extensions to add functionality.

Account Recovery: Explains the interfaces to call account recovery functions from a frontend API, and explains the smart contract architecture for wallets to customize. Used toenable and trigger recovery on any Safe or 7579-compatible wallet.

Oauth Login: Explains how to hit our APIs from a frontend to be able to login via emails with ZK Email, and optionally request scopes like temporary access to assets.

ZK Regex: A library to do regex verification in circom. The zk-regex CLI takes in a regex and outputs a ZK circuit.

Projects that use ZK Email

There are many real world applications that currently use our sdks. Here's a list of a few notable ones

Quick Start

To get started with ZK Email, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Project Component: Select the project component you're interested in from our list of SDKs, templates, and examples.

  2. Read the README Guide: Each section comes with a "README" guide. Make sure to read it to understand how the technology works and to get started with the basic setup.

  3. Dive into Specific Documentation: For detailed information and advanced configurations, delve into the specific documentation of the component you've chosen. Check out our How to Set Up Proof of Twitter Example blog post for a step-by-step tutorial showcasing a practical example of how our SDKs can be implemented for a custom ZK email circuit, and our Github to see code for other demos.

  4. Regularly Check for Updates: Since we frequently make changes to enhance functionality and security, it's crucial to keep your circuits package up-to-date.

Please read our CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our how you can contribute to Prove.email, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


This documentation is licensed under the MIT License.

Support and Contact

If you need help or have questions, please join our community chat on Telegram.

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