ZK Email is a library that allows for anonymous verification of email signatures while masking specific data. It enables verification of emails to/from specific domains or subsets of domains, as well as verification based on specific text in the email body. This technology can be used for web2 interoperability, decentralized anonymous KYC, or to create interesting on-chain anonymity sets.

For ZK Email, the function we care about is

DKIM = RSA_verify(sha_hash(header | sha_hash(body)), pk)

Visit our docs to learn more about the project and how to build on top of zkEmail.


To get started with the ZK Email Verifier, follow these steps:

  1. Install the @zk-email/helpers package:

yarn add @zk-email/helpers
  1. Install the @zk-email/contracts package:

yarn add @zk-email/contracts
  1. Install the @zk-email/circuits package:

yarn add @zk-email/circuits

Package Overviews

The ZK Email Verifier codebase consists of three main packages:


The @zk-email/helpers package provides utility functions for email verification and cryptographic operations. It includes functions for handling RSA signatures, public keys, email bodies, and hashes. The generateCircuitInputs function in the input.helpers.ts file is particularly important, as it is central to the operation of the SDK.


The @zk-email/circuits package offers pre-built circuits for generating proofs and verifying DKIM signatures. These circuits are designed to be used in conjunction with the @zk-email/helpers package to generate the necessary inputs. The email-verifier.circom file serves as a template for email verification and can be customized for specific applications. It reads DKIM headers using regular expressions.


The @zk-email/contracts package contains Solidity contracts used for email verification. These contracts can be modified to suit different use cases, providing flexibility in their application. The DKIMRegistry.sol contract specifically contains the hash of DKIM keys for public domains. After compiling the circuit, snarkjs generates a Solidity file named verifier.sol, which allows for on-chain proof verification.

Filetree Description

We follow a monorepo architecture where packages are located in the packages folder. There are core reusable packages which is for general ZK email verification

  circuits/ # groth16 zk circuits
    regexes/ # Generated regexes
    helpers/ # Common helper circom circuits imported in email circuits
    test/ # Circom tests for circuit
  contracts # Solidity contracts for Email verification

  helpers # Helper files for DKIM verification, input generation, etc.

Projects 🛠

Take a look at all of the cool innovative projects that are building on top of Zk-Email!

Check out the rest of our proof of identity applications on our website prove.email.


Everything we write is MIT licensed. Note that circom and circomlib is GPL. Broadly we are pro permissive open source usage with attribution! We hope that those who derive profit from this, contribute that money altruistically back to this technology and open source public good.

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